Bedtime stories aren't just for little boys and girls.

Get ready to fall in love, thanks to this photo of a man reading a story to an orphaned rhino.

Ranger Divan Grobler works in South Africa's Aquila Private Game Reserve, near where this rhino, named Orion, was abandoned shortly after being born.

Grobler and Orion have hit it off like peanut butter and jelly and Gobler even feeds him in his role of surrogate mother every two hours.

As for the bedtime stories, Gobler told The Dodo:

I read to him to let him know that he's in a safe environment. I think it's emotionally comforting to him to know that someone is there. In the wild, his mom would give him love and attention. You need to give them that love."

Grobler won't be bringing Orion home to live like a puppy or anything like that, though, since the little rhino will be sent back out to live in the wild.