The triathlon is a race for people who are bored with merely running or cycling or swimming. So what does one do if they've become bored with triathlons?

If you're Joe Salter you complete the race -- 1/4 mile swimming, 16.2 miles cycling and four miles jogging -- while juggling. Check out the video evidence of this amazing feat, which snagged Salter a Guinness World Record.

Salter finished in 1 hour, 57 minutes. He did drop the balls three times during the race, but it was during the swim, so we can let it go.

While Salter makes it look easy, he did train pretty hard. Over on his YouTube page, there are a bunch of videos of him preparing by practicing his juggling while in water.

This isn't the first time Salter has added juggling to an activity that doesn't traditionally include juggling. A couple years ago he actually made a best man speech at a wedding while tossing balls in the air. You can check that video out below.