We’ve all done it. We buy a small bag of groceries at the store to donate to a food bank. We bring toys for the tots. We buy some gloves and a scarf to put on a tree for a needy child. But few of us have done what Rankin Paynter did for his Clark County community.

Paynter is a businessman in a Kentucky town where a Kmart store is going out of business. He asked the store what would happen to the unsold merchandise left on the shelves and was told that “power buyers” would come in and purchase the remaining inventory.

But they won’t be doing that, because Paynter beat them to it. He spent six hours and $200,000 buying everything that was left in the store. Then, after checking out on four different registers, he donated everything he had just purchased to charity. Paynter bought out the Kmart and then passed the savings onto his community.

Said Paynter, simply put, “It’s time to give back.”

A Clark County Community Service employee said of the good deed, "This will be the first year we have enough hats, coats and gloves for all the children we serve."

So what good deed have you done today?

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