McDonald's Shamrock Shake usually comes once a year around St. Patrick's Day, but as the holiday passes, so does the elusive tasty beverage. Now you don't have to be in March (or Irish) to enjoy one year round.

The cool part is you don't have to just stick with the normal sugar-laced treat. There are several different recipes to every mood or taste.

First, if you're just itching for a taste of the traditional recipe, Reware Vintage has a recipe for a virgin Shamrock Shake that only requires some vanilla ice cream, milk, peppermint extract and some green food dye for color. Stick it all in a blender or mixer and you're ready to enjoy. The blog recommends not topping it off with whipped cream or a cherry since it ruins "the purity of the shake." (We'll be the judge of that.)

Maybe you overdid on St. Patrick's Day and realize you need to get into shape. A quick search on YouTube turned up a low-calorie Shamrock Shake, courtesy of Lean Secrets founder Brenda-Leigh Turner, that she claims tastes just as good as the high fructose corn syrup version.

Then when you eventually ditch your diet because you're starving and need something other than spinach and wheat germ to unwind, you can whip up a harder version cooked up by Mahalo's lifestyle blog editor Miranda Valentine. Check out the recipe below. You can also watch a vintage Shamrock Shake ad featuring the jolly forgotten McDonaldland character Uncle O'Grimacy. Yes, he was basically a green (and possibly drunk) Grimace.

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