St. Patrick's Day

10 Lucky Movie Quotes for St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day brings out the superstitious side in all of us. Though it doesn't get the same love in cinema that other high-profile holidays receive, Hollywood does have a rich tradition of crediting "Lady Luck" for certain milestones and achievements. Here are 10 "lucky" movie quotes that you can pull out on St. Patrick's Day.
St. Paddy's Day Animals
St. Patrick's Day. It doesn't have to just be people peeing in the streets and crying off of bar stools, regardless of what real life has taught you. It can also be adorable. The trick is to avoid contact with the outside world for until the weekend is over and just look at these cute pictures of animals dressed up to celebrate. Erin go bragh!
Happy St. Patrick (Stewart) Day!
You know what St. Patrick's Day needs more of? If you guessed drunk Irish-Americans barfing on the streets, you're wrong. If you guessed Patrick Stewart, you're right. Here's the legend of St. Patrick as told by photos of Sir Patrick Stewart...
10 Gloriously Green St. Patrick's Day Foods
Everyone knows that St. Patrick’s Day is the one day out of the year when we’re all Irish. And, apparently that translates into wearing anything green and silly we can get our hands on and having as much to drink as we can carry at one time. But, there’s another strange tradition that has developed in celebration of this day. We can't explain it. Are Irish people really that into unnaturally green
10 Signs You Are Too Excited About St. Patrick’s Day
There are few holidays that create more excitement and festiveness than St. Patrick’s Day. All over the country, people crowd the local pub in green clothes where they guzzle a ton of green beer, only to puke it back out in a green mess and wake up the next day in a green haze.   Of course, just like the crazy uncle in your family who thinks he’s Santa Claus in July, some people can take a good th
17 Dogs Rockin’ Adorable St. Patrick’s Day Costumes
St. Patrick's Day is coming up fast, and you know what that means? You'll soon be crawling through pubs, plumping up your beer belly and pinching everyone not wearing green. Even if you've already got your costume planned out, chances are your pooch is feeling left out.
10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Leprechauns
Few icons from folklore and mythology have been branded and co-opted more than the leprechaun. Stories of their rare appearances and coveted pot of gold have permeated almost every aspect of popular culture. They have become so synonymous with Irish culture that the streets are filled with tall green hats and green coats every St. Patrick’s Day. Their history, however, is far different from the tr