The McDonald's logo remains one of the most recognizable not only among fast food restaurants, but all brand names.

The chain's trademark "golden arches" lets fast food-seekers know what they're going to get.

But what happens if those arches are no longer golden?

Where Is There a McDonald's With Turquoise Arches?

Some things you just kind of expect from McDonald's. There are going to be Happy Meals, the menu is going to be the same at nearly every restaurant and the shake machine may have a problem at the exact same time you're craving a shake.

If anything, McDonald's is fairly predictable. That's why it is so odd to see one of its restaurants with a logo that doesn't have golden arches.

The McDonald's located along Highway 89 in Sedona, Arizona stands out as the only location to welcome guests with a turquoise logo instead of the traditional red and yellow.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The restaurant is situated in the middle of Sedona, but not far from picturesque mountains that attract tourists throughout the year. How this McDonald's fits in with its surroundings is part of the story behind its turquoise logo.

Why Does the Sedona McDonald's Have A Turquoise Logo?

Interior photos of the Sedona McDonald's on show the restaurant looking like any other location. All of the signage is the same. The arches inside the restaurant are the usual gold color.

Outside the restaurant, however, is what sets the Sedona location apart from others. Both the McDonald's logo along the highway and on the side of the building are solely turquoise without any hints of red or yellow.

Fox News dug into the issue and found out the deviation from the usual McDonald's colors came about as Sedona city officials pushed to have buildings "blend into the natural landscape."

Google Maps image
Google Maps image

A shopping center that was next to the McDonald's when it opened in May 1993 already had teal signage. The city and the McDonald's owners worked together to make a version of the fast food restaurant that wouldn't look out of place among its surroundings.

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Those passing through the area seem to appreciate the effort.

"Perfectly colored to fit right into the Sedona backdrop," Chris A. wrote on Tripadvisior.

To date, the Sedona location is the only McDonald's in the world with turquoise arches. There are a total of seven locations with that use arch colors other than gold.

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