Talk about spreading the wealth.

A Canadian man who won $12 million in the lottery last year recently left a restaurant owner a $10,000 tip after the proprietor -- without realizing the man's worth -- shared a story about his daughter having cancer.

Bob Erb popped into The Old West Express for lunch with his wife last month during a road trip when he got to talking to the eatery's owner, Clifford Luther.

One thing led to another and Clifford mentioned how his daughter is battling cancer, which touched a nerve with Erb, who lost his own adult son a few years back.

On his return trip, Erb pulled back into the restaurant to eat again, except this time Luther said he had a surprise -- a check for 10 grand:

"He asked for a pen and said, 'Here, you can just take the bill out of that.'"

For his part, Erb, a staunch supporter of legalizing marijuana, said he was impressed with Luther's "open-mindedness, and how he was just looking to talk and to learn about things from another perspective."

Luther is now the impressed one, adding, "It certainly lightens the load for us. You kind of think, 'Why would someone do that for somebody they don't even know?'"

Well, it seems you don't need one reason to do a good deed. You need 10,000 of them.

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