Goodwill towards man has become goodwill towards the unemployed man this holiday in Spain.

Bartolome Florido, 60, is a driving instructor who coughed up $2,000 on 333 lottery tickets. No, he's not hoping to hit the jackpot -- he's hoping someone else does because he donated the tickets to people without jobs.

Florido approached people waiting in line for unemployment benefits in five cities throughout Spain. If they admitted they didn’t have a job, he handed them a ticket, no questions asked. Florido said, "A lot of them asked me, 'How much is it?' and when I said nothing, it was a present, many of them hugged me and cried."

What possessed Florido? He said he wanted to eliminate some of the "sadness" people looking for work feel and make them realize good things may be on the horizon.

Each ticket has the same number, so if it should miraculously turn up a winner each person will win slightly more than $26,000. But, hey, this is the season for miracles, right?

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