The Lincoln Motor Company's new car is called the "Phoenix" so there is, of course, a requisite shot of the vehicle engulfed in flame. So far, it goes as one would expect, but other than that, there is a free-associative quality to the Super Bowl commercial that we find delightful, even in its incomprehensibility.

The car is compared, at one point, to "a hawk with night vision goggles." "Big ideas" have something to do with origami cranes, and the ad ends with a blurry shot of, of all things, Abe Lincoln (his hat and beard are amazingly distinctive). We understand the big picture -- forward thinking and innovation -- but the specifics of the ad seem to mean that forward thinking is the same as crazy.

What do you think? Is the Lincoln MKZ 2013 Super Bowl commercial visually stunning or just plain confusing?

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