The fine folks at Groupon are offering a 13-day ocean voyage with an extensive deep sea tour of the site where the Titanic wreck lays for the price of $12,500. If that sounds a bit steep, keep in mind that the package's "value" is $59,870, and it also comes with a 'Titanic' DVD signed by Frank Lloyd Roberts.

Frank Lloyd Roberts, you are probably wondering, isn't that the architect? No, that would be Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Roberts is only the premier Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD.

We have to admit we knew nothing of this Roberts before happening upon the Groupon ad. And before we rectify that with a series of photos, let's commend him for the foresight to dedicate his life to the lucrative art of DiCarprio impersonation. Somewhere there is no-longer-so-young-man who realized back in 1997 that he looks just like Skeet Ulrich and is now living on public assistance.

So check out Roberts' stills below and let us know if you think he looks like the real deal. And if you do, you can book him for your party or event.

Frank Lloyd Roberts
Frank Lloyd Roberts 2

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