Sometimes we think our favorite celebrities only exist on this planet for our own amusement. In fact, many of them do have lives away from the limelight. When they’re not acting, singing, dancing or just being fabulously rich and famous, some of your favorite stars take part in some pretty interesting extracurricular activities. Here are some celebrity hobbies that just might surprise you.

  • 1

    Tom Hanks collects typewriters

    Yes, Tom Hanks is a fan of typewriters. No, he doesn’t hoard computer keyboards, but vintage, manual typewriters. You know, the kind of devices your grandparents once used to write letters back in the day, before computers were around. Most of the typewriters Hanks has are still in working condition. Tom often takes one or two of them with him when he hits the road for work.

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    Leonardo DiCaprio geeks out over action figures

    Mr. DiCaprio has a great love of tiny plastic action figures. Considering the amount of money his films have made, he might become an action figure himself one day. His collection includes 'Star Wars' and 'He-Man' action figures, as well as other vintage toys. From time to time he puts some of them up for auction, in case you’re an avid collector yourself and want to own Leo's Tauntaun. (That doesn't sound right...)

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    Will Smith and Tom Cruise practice fencing

    Like a modern-day Errol Flynn, Will Smith is a huge fan of swordplay. The Hollywood actor took up fencing when his good friend Tom Cruise (maybe you’ve heard of him) introduced him to the sport. David Beckham has also gotten into the act. When time allows, the three men get together and fence in a practice room at Tom’s house.

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    Tiger Woods goes spearfishing

    The last few years have been turbulent ones for Tiger Woods. How does a world famous golf pro relax in his free time and get away from it all? Why, he goes spearfishing, of course. If his aim with a spear is as good as his aim with a golf club, then whatever fish he happens to set his sights on doesn’t stand a chance.

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  • 5

    Johnny Depp plays with Barbie dolls

    Apparently the star of almost every Tim Burton film ever made likes to play with Barbie dolls. You might be wondering why a grown man would spend his time dressing up Barbie and helping her get ready for her dream date with Ken. It all kind of makes sense when you realize that Mr. Depp picked up the habit while playing with his kids. Maybe Ken gets a Captain Jack Sparrow voice to make him sound like less of a stiff.

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  • 6

    Angelina Jolie has a dagger collection

    Angelina Jolie has demonstrated a fair number of quirks in her day (tattoos, blood vial necklaces), but motherhood has seemed to settle her down a little. Yet some of her wild flair still comes through with her collection of vintage and decorative knives. Her son Maddox even has a few, but apparently the blades on his daggers are dulled down. Every mother knows safety comes first.

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  • 7

    Taylor Swift makes Christmas snow globes

    When Taylor Swift isn’t out on tour, writing songs, or winning Grammys and CMA awards, she keeps her hands busy with crafts. The young country superstar has begun to make Christmas snow globes with her friends. The globes are built with jars, and feature Christmas Trees and angels inside. Perhaps she’ll write a song about her new hobby.

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  • 8

    Ricky Gervais paints landscapes

    Ricky Gervais is famous for his no-holds-barred sense of humor and his perfect comedic timing. When not out courting controversy, this British comedian likes to relax at home and paint landscapes and cityscapes. He is a big fan of art, and art history in general. Painting is merely a logical extension of his passions.

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  • 9

    Ben Stiller is a 'Trekkie'

    Ben Stiller adores everything to do with 'Star Trek.' He has stated that he was a "Trekkie" since he was a child, and that he still is a fan of the Starship Enterprise gang today. His favorite character was Captain Kirk, who he thought was exceedingly cool. Stiller is also a great fan of the science fiction franchise’s humor and humanity. Maybe one day he’ll get to play a character in a 'Star Trek' movie, and become the envy of all of those Trekkies out there aspiring to such glory. Are you listening, J.J. Abrams? Time to cast Stiller as a wise-cracking Ferengi.

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  • 10

    Quentin Tarantino nerds out over vintage board games

    Quentin Tarantino is known for his peculiar sense of humor, and his fast pace delivery style. For those of you who appreciate his eccentricities, you won’t be disappointed by this famous director’s board game collection. Quentin is very fond of vintage board games that relate to old television shows. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of people out there into this odd hobby. If you happen to be one those people, you can now count yourself in excellent, if rare, company.

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