'The Great Gatsby' tells the story of writer Nick Carraway as he leaves behind his Midwestern life and enters a millionaire's world of booze, glitzy jazz, lavish parties and obsessions. So, one would imagine that the movie-adaption of the classic Fitzgerald novel would have less of an impact if Leonardo DiCaprio's Gatsby character was replaced with a 'My Little Pony.'

For those of you who got completely lost in terms of who was who -- Pinkie Pie was Gatsby, Rainbow Dash was Carraway, Rarity was Daisy Buchanan, Applejack was Tom Buchanan, Twilight Sparkle was Jordan Baker, and Cherliee was Myrtle Wilson. (Not that you know any of the horses' names.)

For some reason, the drama in DiCaprio's eyes didn't come through the screen as well when we were looking at a hot pink horse with the dopey smile. The same sort of thing happened when YouTube users replaced 'The Hunger Games' cast with Muppets, and even worse when 'Inglourious Basterds' got the 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' treatment.

But now that you've seen how 'The Great Gatsby' would look with cartoon party animals, how does it compare to the actual movie trailer?

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