Normally, a 24-hour race consisting of massive clunkers like AMC Pacers, Ford Pintos and anything ever made by Oldsmobile might sound like the least interesting race of all time. It's not if it's one of the "Lemons" circuit races.

This annual series of endurance trials gathers together a crowd of car owners with history's least interesting cars all over the country for a "24-hour race of Lemons." The owners take these horrors of automotive engineering, style and design, and dress them up to make them infinitely more interesting. Then they set them loose on the track for a 24-hour straight road race around a local race track until they either sputter their last mediocre breath or somehow cross the finish line.

You would think that a series of races dedicated to such horrid cars wouldn't attract many competitors. Just take a quick scan of the event's Facebook page and you'll see a massive collection of the worst cars in history tearing up tracks from all around the country. Here are some of our favorites.

The Alfa Romeo Spider is a classic car in the truest sense of the phrase. It's not only one of those most popular Alfa Romeo's but it's one of the most popular convertibles of all time. However, we still can't understand how something this warped could cross a finish line let alone make it to a race track without something else towing it.

alfa romeo spyder

There are a lot of things about the '90s we wish we could burn the memory of out of our minds. The clothes alone could make us take a curling iron to our own skulls. The 1994 Mazda Miata deserves the same honor. This "Miatillac El Dorghetto" takes the forgettable roadster and makes it up to look like a classic Pink Cadillac down to the tail fins on the headlights that look like they are sharp enough to cut a hole in the sky.

1994 Mazda Miatillac El Dorghetto

We're a sucker for anything to do with 'Futurama' and this tribute to Honda's horrid hatchbacks and Slurms McKenzie, the Slurm party animal who gets paid to party 24-hours a day or he's fired, certainly caught our eye.

honda slugs mackensize futurama