A father driving his daughter points out the significance of hitting 100,000 miles in Volkswagen's Super Bowl commercial.

Given today's standards of car development, modern technology and the widespread availability of maintenance shops, hitting 100,000 miles on a car shouldn't really be a big deal anymore. But a father driving with his daughter tries to heighten the importance of this odometer milestone by giving her a little white lie about how German engineers earn their white wings. He says that for every VDub engine that passes 100,000 miles, a Volkswagen engineer earns his wings, similar to the old Christmas tree myth. Meanwhile, at a German car factory, men who are working on an assembly line of Volkwagens start popping up wings all over the place, indicating that plenty of Volkswagens last this long in terms of mileage.

The resulting effect of having multiple Volkswagen engineers sprouting out angel wings is rather funny. In particular, a VDub engineer in an elevator with an attractive woman gets his wings mid-ride. As his wings pop out of his shoulders, they brush against the backside of the lady. The lady, thinking that this man has made unwanted, sexual advances, slaps him in response.

Standing at a urinal, an insecure man is found staring in the wrong place as he is caught checking out the huge "wings" of the man next to him. The insecure man's tiny wings and the other guy's huge wings make a hilarious allusion to weird occurrences that can sometimes happen in public restrooms. We don't know the German standards of urinal gazing, but when there is someone standing at a urinal next to you, eyes forward please.

Expect this Volkswagen commercial during the first ad break in the third quarter of the big game.

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