We can't say for sure if he'd gone where no Lego has gone before, but a red-shirted Lego Man clutching a Canadian flag has taken quite an unlikely trip into outer space.

He was launched there by two Canadian 17-year olds, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, who attached the intrepid Lego Man, along with four cameras, to a jury-rigged weather balloon which had enough umph to take its cargo to 80,000 feet above sea level -- which is three times the cruising altitude of a jet, and high enough to see the curve of the earth.

The project was two years in the making, and it cost the boys $400. Their concern was that they wouldn't be able to retrieve the balloon when  it cascaded back to earth. However, through use of GPS, they located the fallen Lego Man 75 miles from its launch point, after a 97 minute flight. That's one small step for Lego Man, one giant leap for Lego kind.

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