May's a month when seasons finales abound and that means your favorite shows pull out all the stops to send you into summer on a bittersweet note. 'SNL' gave us Mick Jagger, Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire and Kristen Wiig's farewell. 'Community' gave us Chang's demise and 8-bit versions of the cast, while 'Family Guy' delivered the Chicken Fight to end all Chicken Fights. 'The Simpsons' decided to put all their chips on the "mother monster," Lady Gaga.

In the final episode of season 23 titled "Lisa Goes Gaga," the songstress better known for her outrageous outfits than for her musical talents also has the superpower of sensing low self-esteem, which leads her on a quest to correct the situation in Springfield. After putting on a glitzy performance with multiple wardrobe changes, she finds out Lisa is the source of sorrow and makes it her personal mission to get the lil' Debbie Downer out of her funk.

Problem is, the least popular student at Springfield Elementary wants nothing to do with Gaga and denounces the pop princess, which causes her "poker face" to cry tears made of diamonds. Of course, Gaga triumphs in the end.

There have been a number of iconic musicians who've appeared on the show but none have displayed such a wide array of costumes. They say art imitates life and that couldn't be any truer than with Gaga, who had 18 different get-ups designed for the show, which was only matched by her changes WHILE RECORDING THE EPISODE. According to Groening, every time she'd leave the room, Gaga would come back in a new outfit. She keeps it so fresh, we're shocked Subway hasn't approached her about an endorsement deal.

Check out a select handful of Gaga's finest fashion choices from the show below. Our favorite might be the live bird dress -- notice the resemblance to the Twitter bird?