In Labatt's 2013 Super Bowl Commercial, the Canadian brewing company would like the United States to meet its bear mascot.

But first the hairy beast has to make it across the border with two six packs of Labatt Blue in tow. This proves problematic because the bear -- who is traveling to the US on foot -- doesn't seem to have his passport. (Probably because he doesn't have any pockets to put it in.)

In response to his lack of papers, the mammal is frisked by an attractive lady border guard. The bear makes a joke about being "frisky" before getting patted down.

The border guard must have appreciated the bear's humor (something border guards never actually do, trust us on this one), because next we see the two of them entering a house party, where the bear is asked whether or not the beer has been declared. There. That sounds more like a border guard to us.