Kristen Bell can be quite obsessive. We know that from the intense connection she has to sloths. And it turns out the 'House of Lies' actress is just as gaga about 'The Hunger Games' as she is about those furry creatures.

Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' Bell raved about the books, which have been made into a movie that hits theaters on Friday.

"This is the piece of literature that in 100 years we'll look back on it will be the best thing we've ever written," Bell said about the post-apocalyptic young adult trilogy from Suzanne Collins.

Despite her enthusiasm for the series, Bell wasn't able to convince her fiancée Dax Shepard to read it. So she finally decided to read it  to him, a few chapters a night.

"In a way it's like you have a fiancée and a son," Kimmel quipped.

It took Bell three weeks to finish reciting the trilogy to Shepard, and she told Kimmel that she did "voices" the whole time.

So did he like it? Well, Bell reported that the exercise cured Shepard's insomnia, so maybe not.

Nevertheless, you probably don't want to find yourself between Bell and a movie theater playing 'The Hunger Games' come Friday. She might just have another meltdown.

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