This nearly six-minute video shows Jimmy Kimmel meeting a seven-year-old boy with cancer who's been dubbed "Super Max" by his friends.

Kimmel asked parents everywhere to have their kids loom stuff for him to create a "Suit of the Loom," since he noticed that kids were really into creating Rainbow Looms. In the process of receiving these looms, he got a video from the Arroyo Elementary School in Tustin, California. It turns out that they're working to make the longest Rainbow Loom chain the world as part of a Loom-A-Thon in order to create awareness for something called "The Max Love Project."

The Max Love Project was started to help children with cancer, in honor of their seven-year-old classmate, Max Wilford. They gave him the nickname "Super Max" and suggested that Jimmy meet him in the video. Max was brought onto the show to meet Jimmy, all decked out in his full Suit of the Loom regalia, and was even given some presents. His favorite superhero, Iron Man, came out to present him with tickets to Disneyland for his family.

To add to this wonderfulness, Jimmy said that he's going to donate the Suit of the Loom to the Max Love Project and put it up for bid on eBay, with 100% of the profit going to the Project. At the end of the video, you can see Jimmy get understandably teary-eyed. It's always great to see celebrities give back and generally see folk get touched. Watch the video above and find out more about the Max Love Project through this link.

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