It's amazing the number of things that can be done with simple Legos. You can build sweet 'Avengers' props with them. You can turn them into life-size vehicles. You can even make eye-deceiving 3D works of art. It turns out you can also use them to put your homeland in the national spotlight.

The world record for the largest tower made of Legos has become a hotly-contested award between various countries including France and Brazil. Now South Korea has struck the latest and largest blow in the war for the world's largest Lego brick tower.

The most interesting aspect of this tower were the builders. A group of toddlers (with help from their parents) put together the various levels that went into the final product.

The tower was made from over 50,000 Lego bricks. It stands at 31.9 meters (or over 104 feet for us non-metric system users) and beats the previous record holder by a third of a meter. We're sure this news has angry ol' North Korea racing to build one of their own using only trained monkeys.