Kellie Pickler might be most famous for her time as the bubbly and slightly ditzy songstress from season five of 'American Idol,' but that could change after what she's done in the name of friendship.  When Pickler's BFF, Summer Holt Miller, was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, the blonde singer decided to support her friend by shaving her head in solidarity.

"It's been a great life-changing day," Pickler tweeted to her following after performing the good deed.  She released the video exclusively Wednesday to 'Good Morning America.'  In the clip, a smiling Pickler can be seen laughing and hugging Miller as the two women face the clippers.

Miller is set to begin undergoing chemotherapy treatments on Thursday following a successful double-mastectomy in August. The 35-year-old mother of two is undergoing the treatment despite being declared cancer-free following surgery as a precaution to ensure that the disease doesn't return.

Pickler says that she shaved her head to raise awareness about the importance of early detection. What a great friend, and wonderful way to show support. We salute you, Kellie.