Phillip Phillips' 'American Idol' win may have upset some people. None of them, however, were as upset as this little girl.

She's clearly a fan of runner-up Jessica Sanchez by the way she's bawling after the Season 11 finale. She's also got a very concerned mother who was so worried about her little girl losing her sanity over a reality TV show that she rushed to get a video camera to record the whole thing for YouTube.

Our hearts broke for the little dear when she pulled the cover over her head to try to block out the truth from her little world, now that her dreams have been clearly shattered by the entire nation. We hope you can sleep at night, America.

Of course, she's just a kid and we all had the same reaction to some minor trauma in our childhood that seemed like the end of the world in our tiny, tear-filled eyes. We had shows that we liked and moved us to tears, screams and snot bubbles when we learned our favorite characters were going away or that the show had been cancelled. The only difference is we didn't have parents whose first instinct was to tape the whole ordeal or run around the neighborhood showing the tape to anyone with a VCR. We're sure some time in the future, this video is going to make a behavioral therapist very happy.

However, at least this time, someone crying at an 'American Idol' loss is actually a kid and not just an emotional baby in a full grown body.