The last time Kate Upton did the Cat Daddy on camera the video was so steamy it got pulled from YouTube. Eventually the video sharing site allowed it back up, because, as Upton pointed out, she was wearing the same bathing suit during the dance as she wore on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover which was on newsstands all over America.

The blond bombshell was on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' Thursday where her illustrious viral video dancing career was the main topic of discussion. Fallon wanted to know if she could teach him how to Cat Daddy. "Of course," Upton responded. "Why else am I here?"

As you can see, the Cat Daddy is as easy as "buckling your seat-belt and rolling your wheelchair." Fallon seemed to figure it out pretty quickly. Although his performance was somewhat hindered by him constantly looking over to watch Upton do the Cat Daddy. We guess that's the downside of having a stunning swimsuit model teach you a dance.