Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model Kate Upton has been all over the place lately. Her latest stop was 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' where the 19-year-old talked about her transition from champion equestrian rider to fashion model. So also spoke about the video of her doing the "Dougie" dance at a Los Angeles Clippers game in April of 2011. The clip went viral and was the first big step in making her into the household name she is today.

There is something about Kate Upton just talking about the Dougie that makes men a little silly. As you saw, Kimmel attributed the Clippers' success this season to Upton and her dance, and then joked that he was also 19. Kimmel's other guest, 'Modern Family''s Eric Stonestreet, also seemed suddenly interested in learning to Dougie.

As for Upton, she said she doesn't mind that folks are always asking her to Dougie, especially since she is "very good" at it. However, she did concede it would become a drag if people still bring it up in 30 years. And now they're probably going to be bringing up the Sports Illustrated thing, too.

Watch Kate Upton do "The Dougie"

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