16 Awkward White People Dances
Here are 16 awkward white people dances just about anyone can do. Or, if you aspire to something greater, you can at least study them to make sure you don't find yourself accidentally shuffling along to 'My Humps.'
14 Scientifically* Proven Ways to Get Happy Instantly
That's right it's been scientifically* proven that looking at these GIFs will instantly make you happy. Sometimes all you need to feel better is a baby penguin in a hat or a wink from Gene Wilder -- that is a scientific* fact. We thought we'd put a whole bunch together to brighten you…
Twerking Animals
Listen, we're not going to get into the whole "Miley Cyrus cultural appropriation" thing -- others have already done a pretty good job with that one. We'll just say we found a cat that is a sight better at twerking than Ms. Cyrus.
Dance Supercut
This video should be just the thing to lift your spirits if you really wish you weren't back at work already. It's a supercut. Not just any supercut -- a supercut of 77 awesome (and not so awesome) dance scenes from movies set to 'Safety Dance.' It's pretty great.
Suspended for Dancing
"Twerking" is the latest dance craze. And by that we mean Miley Cyrus is quite fond of posting videos of herself doing it.
But the administration at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego are not fond of Twerking. In fact they just suspended 33 students for their own video of the dance, whi…
Moonwalk GIFs
Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of Michael Jackson's moonwalk. Yes, it was three decades ago that Michael debuted his signature dance move on Motown's 25th anniversary special. Not only did this clip introduce a dance craze to the world, it was the launching pad that turned Michael f…
Cutest Harlem Shake
We're not entirely why, but this whole 'Harlem Shake' dance craze is taking over the Web. Maybe the weird-meets-hilarious combo has something to do with it, but regardless, the stuff is straight up entertaining. We recently found offices are suspiciously good at it and so are the…
Offices do the Harlem Shake
Every few months, a video craze comes along, and the Web goes full-on obsessed with it (guilty). Let's reminisce for a moment. Last year there was the whole Call Me Maybe trend. Then Gangnam Style took over our lives for a few months and now, the Harlem Shake is getting America dancin'…

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