In one of Maya Rudolph's acts as the 'SNL' host this weekend, she got all dolled up as the fabulous Beyonce, awaiting the arrival of the celeb guests, like Bon Iver (played by Justin Timberlake), coming to see her new baby. Since Blue Ivy is the miracle child of the music world, it was only fitting for every visitor to bring her a gift. But what do you give the baby who has everything?

Well, JT's character sang a song in true Bon Iver style to help the baby go to sleep, before ultimately falling asleep himself. Only Beyonce and Jay-Z's white butler seemed to really dig the song.

As you can imagine, Prince, played by Fred Armisen, brought Blue Ivy his smirk. Kristen Wiig's Taylor Swift persona brought her 'OMG' face and Nicki Minaj, as Nasim Pedrad, sung a lullaby along the same style as her crazy Grammys performance. Frankly, baby Blue was probably not that thrilled to be getting any of these gifts.

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