30 GIFs to Celebrate Beyonce's Birthday
Happy 32nd birthday, Beyonce! While our private plans to celebrate include listening to 'Halo' over and over again and crying in the bathtub, we thought publicly we should amass a butt-ton of GIFs to celebrate the glory of Bey.
Beyonce's New Short Haircut Looks Awfully Familiar
So Beyonce chopped off all her hair, took a selfie and put it on Instagram -- we think there's something a little funny about it. Although Beyonce looks great with short hair (of course she does), we couldn't help thinking that maybe ... just maybe ... if she loses her temper her family be…
Awesome Beyonce Fan
This photo from Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show World Tour is so incredibly amazing. Look at that fan. Ridiculous. A face so amazing deserves some attention, so we decided to imagine what other things could cause such a reaction. The results are pretty great.
Alison Brie is All the Memes
Here's just what you need today -- a little lighthearted internet humor. And there's really nobody better to deliver it than 'Community' and 'Mad Men' star Alison Brie.
The Funniest Unflattering Beyonce Photos and Memes
For those of you who watched the Beyonce concert last Sunday, AKA the Super Bowl halftime show, you know that Beyonce's performance was unbelievable. She was fierce; she was intense, and then Destiny's Child showed up! But she messed up when her publicist requested unflattering photos of h…
Goofy Beyonce Photos
We all know Beyonce was amazing during the Super Bowl halftime show. And all know that in the heat of the moment, we sometimes make faces that aren't exactly flattering. (Remember the strained looks of Olympic divers?) So no one should fault Beyonce for getting caught in a weird angle in this d…
Best Beyonce GIFs
Beyonce blew us all away (and the electricity as well) at the Super Bowl halftime show tonight. Already, GIF artisans from all over the internet are hard at work documenting every breath, bump, and bootylicious beat. Here are some of the best so far! (And of course, we save the best for last.)
Beyonce's Musical Revenge
Beyonce decided that the time to address whether or not she was lip-syncing the national anthem at the presidential inauguration is now. You know, when everybody's already forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.
Beyonce Sings National Anthem
Today Beyonce tackled a singer's most challenging assignment, not only singing 'The Star Spangled Banner,' but doing it live at a Presidential inauguration ceremony.

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