Before he became Vice President, then Delaware Senator Joe Biden was commonly referred to as a
"Gaffe Machine." Looks like he could have messed up again while giving a speech. 

Biden's verbal slip-ups over the years have included telling an audience that the number one issue facing the middle class was a "three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs." Another time, he asked a Missouri state senator to stand up and be acknowledged even though the man was clearly confined to a wheelchair.

So when Biden become Vice-President, many feared that his propensity for verbal mistakes would embarrass the nation, like a drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.

For the most part these fears have been unfounded. Biden may still stumble with his words more than the typical politician, but so far none of his blunders have caused any sort of crisis.

In fact, his latest gaffe, in which he gives an unintentional shout out to Dr. Pepper, is just plain funny.

Who he meant to thank was Scott Community College President Dr. Theresa Paper. But the VP clearly has the smooth, refreshing taste of Dr. Pepper on the brain. Either that or the Obama campaign thinks they have stumbled upon a unique new way to get votes from soda drinkers.

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