There has been two general reactions to Google's 'Project Glass.' The first is that the internet connected augmented reality glasses are pretty frickin' cool. The second is that they are certain to cause all sorts of walking accidents.

Jimmy Kimmel took on the new technology on Thursday night. You can probably guess which reaction the comic focused on.

Before getting to the inevitable fall, Kimmel made a good point. Since the glasses obviously have a wireless connection, would you go blind in an elevator or parking garage?

As for the tumble, it took place right after the fellow in Google's original promotional video serenaded his girlfriend on the ukulele through the glasses. And, really, that is for the best. Let's just nip that behavior in the bud.

Do you want to live in a world in which folks are walking around playing musical instruments for loved ones who are miles away? That would be a whole mess of noise and collisions.