Google's "Project Glass," augmented reality glasses that connect users to the internet, might be a great way to promote on-the-go connectivity. But, as this video parody shows, they could also be dangerous to one's health.

Unveiled as a prototype yesterday, the glasses display messages, chat, appointments, weather and maps all within your field of vision. It sounds like an awesomely futuristic idea, but what happens if the glasses obscure, you know, the real world?

The hapless Google glasses user in this video gets so distracted by chatting that he walks straight into a lamppost, and a random ad for a carpet warehouse causes him to painfully stumble into another pedestrian. Ouch!

This parody actually raises an interesting point. People who text on their smartphones while walking are bad enough. Could you imagine what might happen if a Google glasses user tried to schedule an appointment while negotiating the mean streets? Calamity!

Watch the parody above and Google's teaser trailer for the project below.