Sometimes we wish Jimmy Fallon would just do an all-music variety show. And by "sometimes," we mean "whenever we actually think about Jimmy Fallon's late night show." He sang the 'Reading Rainbow' theme as Jim Morrison, and he's done send-ups of LMFAO and Eddie Vedder and Neil Young, too. Now, the one thing you thought could never be done -- a reggae barbershop quartet.Putting on his loudest jacket, Jimmy joined his three partners and they sang a very charming, wholesome and reggae-ish cover of Inner Circle's 'Sweat.' If you're not big into reggae, you can find the original below if you'd like to compare the two. It's a pretty brilliant cover, frankly.

Sincerely it would be great to get an hour of stuff like this every night, rather than the usual celebrity interviews. Just a suggestion. (They should totally do it.)

How Does Fallon's Barbershop Remix Compare to the Original?