Continuing with his always hilarious impressions of some of music's most popular and legendary acts, Jimmy Fallon and his staff decided to add electropop duo LMFAO to the repertoire.

Joining Jimmy on a set of three stationary bikes with mirrors around, dressed in a way only LMFAO would ever do, the trio rocked out to 'The Spin Bike Song' like they were in a workout video from the '80s.

You can't just listen to it once. C'mon. You can admit it. The tune is actually really catchy and proves that not only is Jimmy hilarious, but he can definitely rock a groove. Here are some of the ever-so-funny lyrics brought to us by Jimmy Fallon and LMFAO:

Spin class time and my heart is thumpin'
The bike is fresh and the music is pumpin'

My legs are tired, my hair is sweaty
Ain’t no thang cuz I still look sexy, y’all

There's just one thing that I wanna say
My favorite book is “50 Shades of Grey” - whaaaat?

Who played the video and sang along to it? It's okay... so did we. Now enjoy this GIF:


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