University of Alabama freshman Jack Blankenship has become an internet star for his novel approach to distracting the opposing team at college basketball games. Instead of holding up a normal sign, he waves around a giant cardboard cutout of his goofy face.

Blankenship and his funny prop were in New York this week to see Jeremy Lin play at Madison Square Garden. So Jimmy Fallon had the sour-mugged innovator on his show Tuesday night for a chat.

During Blankenship segment he revealed the origins of the face, which started out as a joke between him and his childhood friend Austin Jackson. Austin was in the 'Late Night' audience, and when the camera found him he proved he was able to do the face just as well as his now famous buddy.

Fallon eventually tried to get Blankenship to teach him how to do the face, but Fallon couldn't quite achieve the same effect.  They did, however, seem to strike up a good rapport. So maybe now Fallon can send Blakenship to the audiences of his late night rivals in the hopes that his big-faced routine will throw them off their games. Stephen Colbert better watch out.