Part of what makes college basketball so entertaining is the lengths to which the student body section of the crowd will go to distract the opposing team. Jack Blankenship, a freshman at the University of Alabama, has come up with the most clever twist on this tradition we've seen in some time.

Using giant heads to unnerve free throw shooters has been going on for sometime. But in the past, the cardboard bigheads have been of celebrities like Michael Jackson or fictional characters like the Cookie Monster. Jack's genius is in the randomness of making it his own face, and the heinously hilarious expression.

I never really saw the relevance of having pictures of celebrities, so I figured why not have a picture of me," Blankenship explained. "I thought it would be something a little different."

And what if opposing team's start getting acclimated to Blankenship's sour mug?

"Maybe I'll bring a picture of my dog the next time," Blankenship said. "I'll find a way to keep it original."

[via Yahoo!]