New York Knicks small forward Camelo Anthony made it rain indoors at the All-Star game the other night. He made it rain three-pointers, that is.

Anthony made no less than eight three-pointers during the game. This means that he's set an all new NBA All-Star game record. It's a good thing that he wasn't taking a taxi that night, because he would've racked up quite some mileage, considering how many times he kept making shots from downtown.

Making a three-pointer is tough enough, but making eight of them is a feat of strength. And not only did he sink all of his shots, but he made them from behind the arc. So he was making three-point shots further behind the line than he should have, which effectively made his job harder. But if that isn't a testament to his skill, then we don't know what is.

You can see all of the three-point shots that he made in the video above, which runs approximately a minute long. It's amazing to see the ball seem to float in the air, in an arch, before swishing beautifully into the net. You'd be hard-pressed to see that kind of performance as the norm, so watch and marvel at Carmelo Anthony's skill. But now that we've seen him break the All-Star game record, we're going to look to him to break even more records and perhaps even start making some goals from half court!

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