As the 2013 Super Bowl commercial for the Hyundai Sonata Turbo opens, we see the backside of a portly motorcyclist. It's not the world's most pleasant visual, but, luckily for the Hyundai-driving couple behind the bike, the Sonata's turbo feature allows them to quickly pass the offending rump.

That is just the first unpleasant thing the unlucky pair get stuck behind. Next, they get a face full of the wrong side of horses, and then they find themselves behind a sloppily-packed vehicle which could lose its payload at any moment.

It only gets worse for these unfortunate motorists. The road is full of trucks leaking toxic waste and transporting dangerous fireworks. They even manage to get stuck briefly behind a vehicle transporting what look to be surface-to-air missiles. Where are they driving, New Jersey? HEY-O!

Thankfully, the Sonata allows them to pass to safety every time. What do you think? Does this commercial make you appreciate the power of the Sonata's 274-hp engine? Or does it make you think you'd be better off walking?