In the 2013 Super Bowl commercial for the Hyundai Genesis, a professional driver is taking the car on a spin around a closed course, but we soon learn this isn't a typical car driving a closed course commercial. How could it be -- it cost $4 million just to air it?

"Watch out," screams an enthusiastic voice in the background, as the car zips around the track. "See. You. Later."

Between shots of the car in all of its glory, the screen flashes comparisons between the Genesis and more expensive cars. For example, did you know the Genesis has more horsepower than the BMW 550i? Learn something new every day, folks.

As the spot comes to an end, the excited voice realizes he has a job to do and suddenly adopts a tone more appropriate for a typical car commercial narrator. Suddenly you realize you've been tricked. Oh Hyundai, you sly dog.