Toys in the '70s sure were awesome, but let's face it -- they weren't always well-thought-out. In that spirit, we present 'Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces,' a large plastic doll that surely qualifies as one of the most disturbing toys of all time. If you owned one, you have our sympathy.

Hugo was produced by Kenner in 1975 and was essentially a bald puppet that came with nontoxic glue and a range of accessories to change his appearance. Some of the accessories -- eyebrows, noses, chins, etc. -- seemed fairly normal. But others, like a bloodstained bandage, scars, moles and a set of fangs, were downright creepy.

Despite the bizarre nature of the toy (or perhaps because of it), Hugo went on to be used by Pee-wee Herman in his early standup routines, and he was also a regular on 'The Uncle Floyd Show.'

Today, the toys are highly sought-after, most likely by people wishing to relive their childhood memories (and nightmares).

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