Cabbage Patch Man
To Dan Knowlton, his Cabbage Patch Kids are his children. "They're easier to cope with." True -- they never grow or die or have to maintain necessary life functions, but that doesn't mean you need 600 of them.
Meet Hugo, the Freakiest Toy Ever
Toys in the '70s sure were awesome, but let's face it -- they weren't always well-thought-out. In that spirit, we present 'Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces,' a large plastic doll that surely qualifies as one of the most disturbing toys of all time. If you owned one, you have ou…
Crying Baby Doll Saves Family From Raging House Fire
Forget about Chucky. Now, it seems, dolls have decided to use their powers for good.
Christian Deason of Tennessee awoke at 3:30 a.m. on October 24 when an infant doll she was caring for as part of a school assignment began to cry. Deason realized at that moment that her house was being consumed by a…