Tired of Ryan Gosling getting all the attention? Well, with help from YouTuber Joey Thompson and his video entitled "How to Look Like Ryan Gosling," you too can make the ladies swoon like the star of 'Drive' and 'Crazy Stupid Love.'

To be fair, Thompson already looks a bit like Gosling, but the six steps he lays out here could easily be adopted by anyone. All it takes is a new wardrobe that includes a dark jacket with a high collar, a manicured beard that's "more GQ than it is grizzly," a tiny thrust of the jaw and just the hint (not too much!) of a smile.

Then, Thompson says, style your hair like Gosling's. If that's not possible, cover with a hoodie. Finally, try to mimic Gosling's voice and -- presto! -- you're halfway to dating Eva Mendes.

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