Honey Boo Boo, put down that clump of grass! On this week's special one-hour season finale of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,' the family poses for a portrait, Chickadee goes into labor, Alana participates in the Miss Sparkle and Shine pageant and everyone kills a swarm of hungry gnats! Let's get into it!

We open with the family convening on a boat landing for a picture by the water's edge. Because reaching the bottom of the creek might require her to break a sweat, human manatee June backs out of the first location, allowing a four shot of the girls. Alana then power climbs her way up the rocks to the road (but not before taking a ton of mud with her), and the photographer snaps a series of action shots of the family. Heat, mosquitoes, and a whole lot of yelling later, and our hero photographer seems relieved to be done with them. Impressively, the snaps tell a tale of a smiling, happy family. Well done!

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A few days pass, and Alana prepares for her upcoming Beach Beauties pageant by organizing and packing up a series of pink frilly outfits and a blue swimsuit. Because the suit is new, June encourages her daughter to try it on before packing it away, and Alana dances out of the bathroom in her new look.

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Several belly jiggles and choice pageant moves later, and Alana says the suit is a winner. Unfortunately, the pageant plans are nixed as Chickadee goes into labor! In a mere three hours, June is a grandmother! To a baby with eleven fingers! Buy some ice cream, America! Oh, we're not recapping the commercials too? Anyway...

Kaitlyn Elizabeth is born healthy, and with a bonus thumb on her right hand. Mama June says that every baby is special when it is born, but we're not sure if this is entirely what she had in mind. Chickadee's sisters pile into the hospital room, and they are aghast. June claims the little miracle is highly evolved, and Alana is jealous of the child's ability to grasp more cheeseballs. Finger painting and snacking jokes aside, the (over 12-year-old) girls are eager to bond with their new family member. Meanwhile, Alana pouts outside of the room because she isn't old enough to meet her new niece.

After a 24-hour hospital stay, the Boo Boo baby is ready for her grand arrival at the homestead. Alana gets to work on a sidewalk chalk sign welcoming her new family member. Then, it's off to decorate the nursery! Once decorating is complete and the baby's outfits are put away, the girls have nothing to do but wait, and the excitement builds.

With Kaitlyn's homecoming imminent, Alana seems happy to give up her pageant plans for the new addition. June concedes that pageants come and go, and family is what's most important. And besides, Alana is already placing bets on what the baby smells like. Sunshine and happiness? Those new tacos with the Doritos shell? It's really anyone's guess at this point. The introductions are a success, and Alana is genuinely excited to meet, hold and "love on" her new niece. Aww.

As the family settles in, June has some great news for Alana. Another pageant is a short 2 days away, and Alana is registered! But that's not all -- June reveals that Uncle Lee ("Poodle") is in town, and he has agreed to help glitz Alana out for her big moment. But can Uncle Poodle get her "sassified" in a mere two days?

sassified honey boo boo

For those of you keeping score, Uncle Poodle is Sugar Bear's younger, gayer brother. But that's okay, cause according to Alana, "everyone is a little bit gay!"

honey boo boo gay

Uncle Poodle arrives, and is immediately tasked with choreographing a killer new routine. Ever the good uncle, he takes the challenge very seriously, but Alana isn't quite sold on the new moves. The teaching session quickly devolves from dance moves to turf war, and soon Pumpkin, Alana, and their uncle are hurling clumps of grass at one another in the yard...fun yes, but is our girl ready to shine?

Ready or not, the day of the pageant arrives, and the family packs up their car for the hour-long trip to the venue. Chubbs expresses her doubt at her sister's chances (Alana hasn't been practicing) but June disagrees, and claims her new look, music and moves are prime for pageant testing. Our pageant princess is polished up to a proper sheen, but tension runs high as the dress fails to fit her.

Competition is stiff, but Alana's cheering section is loud and proud, and our girl turns on the charm the moment her name is called onstage. After hitting all of her moves in the pink dress, Alana does a quick change to her "outfit of choice" (the sparkly blue swimsuit) and channels her inner blueberry goddess. Another twirl around the stage, and Uncle Poodle and Sugar Bear are starting to like her chances.

Sadly, she does not take the title in her age division, but the family is thrilled when Alana is voted The People's Choice. And if that wasn't enough, we have a special appearance by Glitzy the pig! Alana is psyched to be reunited with her good luck charm and porcine companion, and the family heads home with their heads held high.

honey boo boo glitzy

Well that does it for this season of country-fried hijinks! What will next season hold? Only time will tell! Until next time!

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