Everyone knows that homelessness and poverty are an extreme problem. However, it's hard to realize that when some overpaid politician is talking about it in a $1,000 suit that they probably didn't have to pay for out of their own pocket.

One man in San Francisco hopes to change that with a camera and an internet connection.

"Mo" lives in San Francisco, California. He has been homeless for more than four years. He sleeps under a bridge or as he so horrifically calls it, "sleeping with the rats." A friend gave him a Flipcam so he could talk to other homeless people throughout the city and post them to YouTube.

In his latest video, which has been featured on Reddit, Mo talks to Andrew, a man who became homeless just two weeks ago. He talks about what it's like trying to do the things that most of us probably take for granted everyday like finding food or a safe place to sleep.

Mo has earned an outpouring of support, both financial and emotional thanks to his internet presence. The video made the front page of Reddit's video section and visitors have been been flocking to his donation page to lend a hand and offer their support.