At Maynard High School in Massachusetts, students made the bold move of skipping the tanning booth before their senior prom. They say this was part of an effort to reduce their risk of skin cancer, but we prefer to think of it as a thinly-veiled protest against "tanorexic mom" Patricia Krentcil.

Allison Bosse, the senior who organized the effort, said tanning is popular at her school, and many students start working on their tan months in advance. "Our school is known for a lot of people tanning. Kids start in March because they want to be tan in their dresses for prom," she said.

Of the school's 283 seniors, 209 signed a no-tanning pledge organized by Bosse. "A couple of people said 'I like tanning too much, I can't sign that. I won't get skin cancer,'" said Bosse. "But it seemed like a lot really listened and weren't going to do it anymore."

According to Bosse, many seniors showed up at the dance without a tan, but proud of their decision. "More people showed up with their natural skin color than in previous years, and everyone looked beautiful," she said. "You don't have to be tan. Natural is just as good." That's a lesson Krentcil and the cast of 'Jersey Shore' has yet to learn, obviously.