While most teens are preparing to spend big bucks on a prom dress, Colorado's Regan Kerr decided to make one herself using -- get this -- 5,114 soda can tabs and wear it to her high school dance on April 28th.

According to the George Washington High School junior, she began collecting soda can tabs more than two years ago. That, however, was the easy part. Although sewing the dress itself "didn't take a lot of skill," it did take take five months to create, and incorporating a zipper and collecting colored tabs for the sweetheart neckline proved tricky.

In true DIY fashion, Kerr was overjoyed with the final product when it was complete and promised to put it to the test. "I will probably dance," she joked, while modeling the dress. "I'm a very talented dancer."

And, in case you're wondering, the teen didn't actually consume more then 5,000 cans of soda to generate the raw materials for the dress. "Actually, everyone asks me that and I say they're not all mine," she said. "I didn't drink 5,000 sodas."

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