In what seems to be an emerging trend of disasterous pre-prom photo shoots, a deck collapsed while 12 students from Churubusco High School in Indiana posed in formal attire. Yikes! They sure don't build homes today like they used to. 

(Note: the video features some NSFW language.)

According to student Tori Harris, the group was waiting for another student to arrive when the deck suddenly gave way.

"We were waiting on our friend, she was running late, so we were waiting for the 13th person, and as we were all waiting up there, we saw her come, she went actually under the balcony first," said Harris. "And then as she was coming around the corner, we heard a really loud crack and then we basically all fell through."

Fortunately, everyone walked away from the accident with only minor scrapes and bruises. "I wasn't sure if I was supposed to laugh or not," Harris said. "I didn't know if anyone was hurt and I kind of expected them to be." Well, since no one was injured, we say go ahead and laugh. We certainly did. Is that wrong?