Prom is a magical time in a student’s life. There are so many things to think about and prepare for. Of course, no matter how perfectly you plan for your prom, things can still go terribly wrong.

It’s nerve wracking enough to think about who to ask, or who will ask you. Then you have to worry about what you’re going to wear. Then there’s the question of how to get to prom and where to eat. You have to stay clean and dry and arrive in one piece. Even then, you have to spend the entire evening hoping you don't do something weird and make a complete fool of yourself.

Judging by these photos and videos, some of these things just don’t work out. Sometimes, there are things about prom night that go very wrong. And sometimes, if we're lucky, someone captures those things so we can see them and feel better about our own prom experiences.

You Could Be Wearing This

It might be prom, it might be a circus. We don't know.

One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a person at prom is to show up wearing the same thing as someone else. In order to eliminate that possibility, it’s helpful to get creative. It’s also helpful to get really, really tacky. What’s the likelihood these two had any such embarrassment?

You Could Fall Down the Stairs

You could have gotten all dressed up and be making your grand entrance for your date to see you for the first time. Then, like this poor girl, you could completely embarrass yourself by tripping and falling down the stairs and sticking the landing by hitting your head really hard.

Your Date Could Be a Chicken

Their dates are feather plucking awesome.

Your choice of date can make or break the prom. You have to be with someone who’s going to be fun and not someone who is going to make a mess of the evening. If your date pecks and scratches and poops all over the floor, you’ll remember prom, but not in a good way. Chickens, ladies? Really??

You Could Fall While You’re Dancing

The other embarrassing thing that happens at prom is dancing. It doesn’t seem like dancing should be a big deal, but if you aren’t a good dancer it can be a nightmare. And, if you aren’t even really a good walker, it can be much worse.

Your Date Could Be This Guy

Epic School Prom FAIL

We don't care if you borrowed your dad's sweet ride for the night. That's no excuse to park in a handicapped spot.

Her Dad Could Have a Gun

Prom Photo Dad With Gun

Classic high school lore often dictates that prom night can be a very special night for a young man and woman who really, really like each other. Sometimes you can feel the pressure to make certain physical advances on each other. Of course, this pressure can be alleviated by dad getting out his shotgun during the photo session.

You Could Fall Into a Lake

Pier collapses during prom photo
Pier collapses during prom photo

We can’t stress this enough when it comes to prom photos. Sure, it has probably taken some breaking of the laws of physics to get you looking this good, but that does not mean the other laws of physics will stand aside and allow you to remain in your fancy-fied condition. Standing near water only increases your chances of showing up for your big night completely soaked. Unless you’re dating a hero like the girl on the left.

You Could Like 'Star Wars' a Little Too Much

Why don't these guys have dates?

If you haven’t matured to a level past wanting to have your photo taken while holding a lightsaber, it’s possible prom is not going to be a great night for you. Take a lesson from these guys. There’s a reason there doesn't appear to be any girls in the photo. Don’t let this happen to you.

The Deck Could Collapse During Your Photo Shoot

Yes, you want to take a breathtaking group photo overlooking the sunset. Only problem? You have a rickety deck holding way too many people. At least you'll remember this prom -- and your trip to the emergency room.

You Could Confuse Prom With Comic-Con

Venture Bros. Prom Fail

There's nothing wrong with a creative prom dress. But just straight up wearing the costume you wore to Dragon Con? That's just asking to be ridiculed. Do you really want your memory of one of the biggest nights of your life to involve a dated pop culture reference?

Lady Shan-Shan Could Show Up

We aren’t even exactly sure what this is, but we’re pretty sure it is an embarrassment of some kind. Something has gone very wrong here. We can’t describe it, but it obviously represents some kind of fail. So much so, that it doesn’t even seem like this Lady Shan-Shan is even in high school. We can only hope she returned to outer space after the last dance.

You Could Like Robert Pattinson Way Too Much

Twilight prom fail
Twilight prom fail

If your dress lights up and has a photo of a pasty white celebrity on it, you may be doing prom wrong. Even worse, if your date is a cardboard cut-out of anyone from 'Twilight.' There are so many terrible things that can happen to a girl at her prom that she shouldn’t actually do the terrible things to herself. They’ll just happen if she lets them. The prom gnomes are watching.

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