Honey Boo Boo Child, lay off those Funyuns! On this week's 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,' Alana and her dad have a day of fun at the local skating rink, the family plays a game of their own invention and a lemonade stand is born. Let's get started!

First up, human appendage June outsources a task to her girls, presumably to keep them from becoming more like her. The girls take some cash, leave their shoes and head off to the local convenience store to stock up on necessities such as a Slurpee and a bag of chips. Store employees add to the flavor of the segment, claiming the girls come in here barefoot all the time, and long live the south (or something).

Following a successful trip to the convenience store, Sugar Bear and Alana spend some quality father-daughter bonding time at a place called the "Fun Factory" where Sugar Bear hopes to spend some time neck deep in a pit of balls. Sounds about right. The pair spend a sweet afternoon bonding and playing games together, and Alana calls herself a "chalk miner's daughter and daddy's princess."

After a successful haul at the arcade, Sugar Bear attempts to put rollerskates on Alana's wrong feet, but he soon sees the error of their ways and the duo is off to the rink. Armed with some skater training gear, Alana and Sugar Bear quickly realize that perhaps this isn't their new sport of choice, and the skates come off and the pair chases each other around the rink. The day is ruled a success, and Alana walks out with a giant, pink, inflatable mallet. What could possibly go wrong...

A few days later and the family is hanging out at home. June says that Chickadee is in her final weeks of her pregnancy, and worries that she is not ready to be a mother. The family then engages in a completely medically accurate conversation on how a baby is born, to the horror and delight of the other non-pregnant sisters.

Alana, completely freaked out by the conversation, changes the subject and suggests the family play a game called "Guess Whose Breath?" The game is about as straightforward as you'd imagine (it basically involves breathing in a blindfolded person's face) and we learn that Chubs only brushes her teeth on special occasions. (We're kind of hoping she finds a special occasion at least once a day...) The game ends up leaving the family with a severe case of the giggles, and Chickaedee peeing herself all over June's couch, earning her the new nickname "Wet-wet." Hooray!

Next, Alana gets the brilliant idea to start a lemonade stand to raise money for her next pageant. June is in favor of this plan, but expresses dismay when Pumpkin requires assistance in spelling the word "lemonade." Sigh.

10 pounds of sugar later, and the gang takes it to the streets. The girls hoot and holler, and Alana proves to be the best saleslady of the lot, and the family nets $25 for their pageant fund.

Finally, it's time for dinner. June tells us that she tries to cook "at least every day of the week," and Alana is a big fan of her "sketti," which seems to be a combination of butter and ketchup. June claims this is an old family recipe that her children love, and she makes it often. Alana asks her mom to be the one to get to throw the macaroni at the wall to test for done-ness, and when the "sketti" is finished to their liking, they round up the rest of the family.

Well, that wraps up this week's country fried crazy. Come back next week to see what sort of hilarious pageant hijinks ensue on the next 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!'