A San Diego man who held up a convenience store dressed in a Gumby costume and his non-costumed accomplice pleaded guilty to their crimes. No, they weren't guilty of being adorable.

19-year-old Jacob Kiss and 20-year-old Jason Giramma each pleaded guilty to misdemeanor burglary charges and received three years of probation as their sentence.

The attempted robbery took place back in September at a 7-11 store. Kiss tried to rob the store in his costume, but the bulky hands prevented him from holding a weapon or picking up his loot. The clerk actually told police that he thought the whole incident was a joke, and claimed he couldn't even tell it was Gumby who was robbing him. (Maybe the criminals should have gone with a more current pop culture costume.)

No word on whether the man was forced to wear the no doubt humid Gumby costume in jail. Now that would be a real punishment.

[via Huffington Post]