There’s no right way for getting over the death of a loved one, but Samantha Manns’ method may be the most inspiring.

The 18-year-old from Chillicothe, Ohio is honoring her late great-grandmother by doing 89 random acts of kindness. Why 89? That’s how old grams was when she passed away last month.

When Virginia Booth died, she probably had no idea she would leave such a heartwarming legacy, but Manns felt compelled to do something:

Some of her last words were, ‘I don’t want anybody to be upset.’ And I was really upset for a few days. Then I thought, ‘Maybe I can’t be happy right now, but I can do things to make other people happy.’”

Manns has already begun her quest. Her first act was paying it forward by buying a meal for the car behind her at a McDonald’s drive-thru. She’s also set up a Facebook page so people can follow her exploits.


Here's hoping Samantha reaches her goal and maybe even goes beyond it!

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