Remember the historic Stratos Jump last October, during which Felix Baumgartner jumped from more than 24 miles above the Earth's surface? Well, now there's GoPro footage of Baumgartner's famous descent.

GoPro had a hand or two in filming the record-setting event, offering seven of their Hero2 cameras to document each moment from different angles. These Hero2 cams were attached to his legs and chest to record his every move, providing different points of view throughout the entire jump. Cameras in the capsule attached to the helium balloon that brought him 39 kilometers above the Earth show just how high up he was, as well as the intensity of the jump.

When he finally made his descent after quite a bit of buildup, the GoPros captured every second. For a few moments, it seemed like Baumgartner was stuck out there, floating still against the backdrop of space and the planet below. A few tense parts saw Baumgartner spinning violently, but he luckily stabilized after becoming the first human to break the sound barrier without the aid of engine power.

Throughout the entire jump, Colonel Joseph Kittinger monitored Baumgartner and gave him words of encouragement. Kittinger was Baumgartner's mentor and communicator back at mission control. He also set the previous record for the highest altitude jump back in 1960, which was then broken by Baumgartner during the Stratos Jump.

Check out all of the great, inspirational footage in the video above and marvel at the wonders that technology and a whole lot of bravery can achieve.